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Bharat Jodo Yatra: Know How To Do Walkathon Like Rahul Gandhi

Before going for a walk, protein and high fiber along with complex carbs should be taken in the morning breakfast. It should be kept in mind that the food should have high fiber and low sugar.

Rahul Gandhi

Jhelum Trust: Rahul Gandhi He walks 20-25 km daily which looks very easy to see. However, this is not an easy thing that can happen overnight. Achieving this requires prior preparation, dedication, determination and constant practice. One may or may not join this journey, but now many people are preparing for the marathon season. Apart from many runs, walkathons, virtual marathons are going to start from 4th December. In such a situation, the question arises that what kind of physical and mental training should be taken to participate in these events?

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Sumit Virmani, a passionate runner and experienced marathoner, is preparing to participate in the 100-mile ‘Desert Run’ in Jaisalmer this Sunday. Talking about his training, he says, ‘I believe that it is not possible to prepare physically for such ultra runs, so the only way is to prepare mentally. Long runs or walks should be enjoyed like an exciting journey and in the meantime talking to other participants while having fun can be the trick to staying comfortable on the track.

Pay attention to three aspects for the preparation of Walkathon

Another veteran marathoner Mamta Gupta is a jewelery designer and entrepreneur by profession. He has participated in a few marathons, some of which have been organized at high altitude places like Ladakh. His opinion on this is somewhat different from Virmani’s. Gupta believes that for the preparation of Walkathon, there is a need to focus on three aspects of walking – duration, intensity and frequency. ‘Walk often, walk fast and walk long,’ she advises.

Fitness expert Sumaya Dalmia says, ‘Rome was not built in a day. So, you need to take small steps. Do not walk too hard or too fast, otherwise you may get hurt. Give yourself plenty of time to start, around 2-3 months and gradually increase the speed and your ability. Dalmiya says, ‘Start with a slow walk, then do 30 seconds of brisk walk, go back to slow walk for three minutes and then do 30 seconds of brisk walk. Walk slowly for the first 30 minutes, then 40 minutes and then practice walking several times. Achieve comfortable walking speed in a few months. A similar pattern can be followed for sprinting. For this, fast walking should be done with intermittent sprint and jogging.

Include these things in the diet

Dalmiya advises that it is best to combine walking and running with gym workouts to avoid knee injuries and back pain. “Take care of your glutes, the biggest muscle in your hips, and your core,” she says.

Expressing concern, physician and writer Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani says that even though Rahul Gandhi has made it look so easy, it is necessary for everyone to understand the importance of every type of preparation to achieve the fitness level. She says, ‘The way the body needs energy in advance to work, not just before work, it is important to walk in the same way. Consume starchy carbs such as pasta, bread and rice made from whole grains as they provide energy to the body slowly. This is essential to maintain speed and energy during a walk. It should be taken with protein and vegetables.

Before going for a walk, protein and high fiber along with complex carbs should be taken in the morning breakfast. It should be kept in mind that the food should have high fiber and low sugar.

It is very important to stay hydrated for such activities. The thing to note is that more than drinking water, attention should be given to how to drink water. It is advisable to take small sips of water frequently. The level of water and salt in the body decreases during physical activity, so it is also necessary to consume electrolytes. Shivdasani believes that drinking lemon water with rock salt maintains the energy level. Nuts, oats bar and peanut butter sandwich can be taken as snacks during the walk. If someone feels extremely tired, dizzy and weak, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Get routine check-ups done along with blood tests

Therefore, before participating in the walkathon, prepare your body and mind properly. Always consult a doctor and fitness expert before copying a trend.

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