Before giving CPR, know its correct way, one mistake can lead to death

CPR in heart attack: IAS officer and Health Secretary Yashpal Garg, posted in Chandigarh, is being praised a lot. Actually, in the video going viral, he is giving CPR i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation to a person suffering from heart attack.

IAS officer gave CPR to the patient

CPR Giving Tips: These days a video is becoming quite viral on social media. In which IAS officers posted in Chandigarh and health secretary yashpal garg is being praised a lot. In fact, in the video going viral, he is seen killing a person suffering from heart attack. cpr Means giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Due to which the person’s life was saved, although health experts have questioned the way the officer gave CPR. Doctors say that giving CPR in this way without any medical training can prove to be dangerous.

Before giving CPR, it is necessary to have correct information about it. While tweeting, it is said that Dr. Pragya said that this method of giving CPR was not correct. This could have harmed the person. He said that such medical procedures should not be done without special training. Another expert Shirish said that it is a miracle that the man survived this CPR. A case should be registered for assault on this IAS officer! The first rule of first aid is ‘do no harm to the patient’. This is not CPR.

Let’s know what is the right way to give CPR

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar told Tv9 that CPR is a life-saving method, which can save the life of a patient suffering from heart attack or cardiac arrest. But it is also necessary to have the right information to give it. This procedure should be followed to give CPR.

  1. First of all, make the patient lie on the ground and check his pulse. If the pulse is continuously falling and the person is becoming unconscious then start giving CPR immediately. Before this, hold the patient’s head and turn it slightly backwards. This will open the windpipe.
  2. Now start giving CPR, for this first lock your hands. Place both the hands on each other and interlace the fingers.
  3. Now place your hand in the center of the patient’s chest and start compressing the chest.
  4. Compression should be fast. One has to press the chest about 100 times in a minute. Compress in such a way that the testes are pressed inwards and then come back to their normal position.
  5. Keep doing this till the patient is not able to breathe. During this, try to give breath from mouth to mouth in between.
  6. CPR will increase the flow of blood to the heart, which can save the patient’s life.
  7. While giving CPR, call an ambulance with the help of a person and send the patient to the hospital.

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