Bad policy of vaccination in China spoiled the situation or new variant became the cause of destruction?

China had not given permission to introduce any vaccine in the world. China had vaccinated with its own made vaccine Sinopharm and Sinovac.

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in china corona virus wreaking havoc. The crowd of patients in the hospitals is increasing. London’s Global Health Intelligence says that in the next few months, 800 million people in China may be infected with Kovid. At present, there is a shortage of medicines at medical stores in China. Hundreds of people are losing their lives everyday. Global Health Intelligence believes that cases are increasing so rapidly due to low vaccination in China and lack of antibodies against Kovid in people.

Some experts also say that the corona vaccination has reduced considerably in China. China did not even allow vaccines from any other country. India’s Covaxin was also not recognized. People were vaccinated in China with Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccine. The World Health Organization ie WHO had also approved these vaccines, although countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE had expressed apprehension about the effect of these vaccines and did not vaccinate them.

Bad vaccination policy in China became the reason for the devastation

Epidemiologist Dr. Ajay Kumar says that China had not given permission to introduce any vaccine in the world. China had vaccinated its own vaccine Sinopharm and Sinovac, while apart from this vaccination could have been done by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Oxford Astragenica, Covaxin and Covishield, but China did not allow any of these vaccines. .

Dr. Ajay says that the World Health Organization had approved the Chinese vaccine, but it is not yet known how effective this vaccine was, while there is a lot of data about the efficacy of all other vaccines around the world. is present. According to Dr. Ajay, there has been very little vaccination in China. This is the reason why the cases there are increasing so fast.

Vaccination has happened a lot, but the new variant has spoiled the situation

Epidemiologist Dr. Jugal Kishore has a completely different opinion on the situation in China. Dr. Kishore says that a large part of the population in China has been vaccinated. The reason for the increase in cases there could be a new variant of Corona. Apart from this, China’s zero covid policy has become fatal for the country. There was a ban on Corona in China for a long time. Because of this people did not get infected and there was no natural immunity against the virus. People had only vaccine immunity, but there was no immunity made from natural infection. In such a situation, when the restrictions were removed, Kovid started spreading rapidly.

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