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Back Pain In Male: Why there is back pain in men, know how to avoid it

Every third man out of ten is suffering from the problem of back pain. Wrong lifestyle, prolonged bike riding and lack of calcium are increasing the problem of back pain in men. Let us know which mistakes are responsible for the problem of back pain in men.

The problem of back pain was once seen only in the elderly, but nowadays people of all ages are troubled by back pain. This problem is increasing especially in men, the main reason for which is wrong life routine, smoking and lack of nutrition. Continuous work in the office and working out more than capacity is also responsible for back pain in men. Usually simple back pain gets better in a few days. But due to some kind of disorder in the nerves and ligaments of the waist, this problem increases.

heavy work out or physical labor
Working out regularly is considered good for health, but lifting more weight than your ability or working out excessively can cause you back pain. Take occasional breaks from working out and lift weights according to your ability. If you do field work, take time to rest from time to time.

too much stress
Excessive stress can trouble you with back pain, so do not take any kind of stress. You can take the help of meditation to relieve stress during office or work. Depression for a long time can be the cause of back pain and back pain, excessive tension affects your blood circulation and there is a possibility of muscle strain.

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According to a research, complaints of back pain are found more in people who smoke. Cough is common in people who smoke, especially when herniated discs are stretched, which can cause pain in your back. smoking gives you spinal
There can be a problem because it affects the spine blood circulation.

working long hours on computer
If you work on the computer in the same posture for a long time, then your chances of getting back pain increase. During office work, keep taking breaks from time to time and stretch the body, it will give relief to your back and waist. Do yoga and meditation regularly, it will keep your muscles flexible.

symptoms of back pain
There is pain in the waist all the time, sitting or standing for a long time causes severe pain in the waist. Sometimes this pain also extends to the knees, numbness is felt in and around the waist. Back pain is investigated by MRI and CT scan, it is known that which nerve of the waist is being affected.

back pain relief
Do not sit in the same position for a long time, while working, sit in the correct posture. Use a comfortable chair and avoid bending over. Do not get up from the jerk and stand straight. Keep the spine straight while sitting. Take nutritious diet which is rich in calcium. Consume dry fruits, seasonal fruits, milk and green vegetables. Do regular work out and yoga. Do not eat junk food and oily things. Drink enough water to keep the spinal bones hydrated. Keep your back in a comfortable position while sleeping. You can apply ice to reduce back pain. If home remedies are not providing relief from back pain, then you should consult a doctor. Early back pain is treated with pain killers and manual therapy and physiotherapy and some specific exercises are prescribed.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.


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