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Antibiotics: Do not take antibiotics in these diseases, there can be many damages to the body

Antibiotic medicines in india: Taking antibiotics in excess causes stomach problems. It affects the intestines. These medicines kill the good bacteria found in the intestine.

There are many disadvantages of antibiotics

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Antibiotic medicine uses: Corona epidemic people since antibiotics The habit of taking is increasing a lot. It is often seen that in case of headache, abdominal pain and cough and cold, people take antibiotics without consulting a doctor. They give instant relief, but have you thought what harm these medicines do to the body? Doctors tell that many types of serious diseases are caused by these medicines.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, antibiotic use is not necessary in about one-third of diseases. These problems get cured by themselves in a few days. But still it is seen that people take antibiotics, which causes a lot of damage to the body.

We spoke to experts to know about the harm caused by antibiotics.

Director, Department of Internal Medicine, Max Hospital (Shalimar Bagh) Dr. Rajeev Gupta It is said that due to excessive consumption of antibiotics, resistance to these drugs develops in the body. Which is called antibiotic resistance. This means that the effect of drugs on the body stops. Due to this, not only diseases start increasing but it also takes a long time to recover. Along with this, it also kills beneficial bacteria for the body.

Disadvantages of overuse of antibiotics

Taking antibiotics in excess can cause stomach problems. It affects the intestines. These medicines kill the good bacteria found in the intestine. Along with this, fungal infection also occurs, which causes many stomach diseases.

Antibiotics also affect children. Due to their excessive consumption, their teeth start to deteriorate.

Allergic reaction, blood reaction and serious heart problems also happen.

There is no need to take antibiotics in these diseases

Dr. Rajeev Gupta explains that there is no need to take antibiotics in many diseases like flu, cold-cold, bronchitis, sinus. We should not use antibiotic during these problems. Antibiotics are also not effective for viral infections. Antibiotics can do a lot of harm in this type of infection. That’s why people are advised not to take antibiotics in such diseases. This problem gets fixed by itself in a few days.

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