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Anant Ambani’s weight increased due to steroids, know how it harms the body

According to doctors, many medicines contain steroids. It affects our body in different ways. Taking too many steroids can cause problems ranging from weight gain to heart attacks.

Anant Ambani trolled for weight gain between engagement with Radhika Merchant, what is the reason for weight gain?

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Steroids side effects: Businessman Mukesh Ambani’s son was included in the country’s richest people Anant Ambani The weight has increased a lot. In 2016, he had reduced his weight, seeing which everyone was shocked, but now his weight is increasing again. During an interview in 2017, Nita Ambani had said that Anant had asthma. He was given steroids for its treatment. These steroids Due to which weight has been gained.

According to doctors, many medicines contain steroids. It affects our body in different ways. From taking too many steroids to gaining weight heart attack There can be trouble till. Steroids harm in every way. Whether it enters the body through medicine or is used to make the body, it is always dangerous. Due to this, there is a risk of BP problem, muscle weakness, improper functioning of the immune system, infection and black fungus. Due to steroids, body fat also increases.

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Why obesity increases with steroids

Senior Physician in Delhi Dr Kamaljit Singh Kainth It is said that steroids increase fat storage in the body. Metabolism also deteriorates due to this. The water balance in the body deteriorates. The person starts feeling more hungry and thirsty. In this situation, he also starts eating more food. Due to this, fat starts increasing in the body. Steroids are commonly prescribed to people who have asthma, autoimmune diseases and many types of neurological disorders. Because of this, there are many types of diseases including weight gain. It also causes a lot of damage to the liver. Some people also have the problem of not sleeping, due to which the lifestyle gets spoiled and weight starts increasing.

It is dangerous to take steroids in any way

Dr. Singh says that people who are suffering from some disease have to take steroids under compulsion, but nowadays many youths are also consuming it to make body, it can be fatal. This is because steroids can cause cardiovascular disease. Due to steroids, BP and cholesterol also start increasing. This bad cholesterol starts accumulating in the arteries of the heart. Due to this, the flow of blood in the heart is not done properly and there is a risk of heart attack.

Do not take steroids without doctor’s advice

If the treatment of any disease is going on, then ask the doctor to prescribe you the least amount of medicines which contain steroids. Take care of diet and exercise during your treatment. People who take steroids for body building should not consume it without consulting doctors.

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