America: Former President Donald Trump disappointed the whole of America, know why Biden said so



Washington: US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the former president has disappointed America after Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he would join the race for the White House for the third time. Trump is facing investigation in several criminal cases related to his rule as President. He announced at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida on Tuesday that he would run for president in 2024 to make America “great again”.

There is a possibility that there may be a re-contest between Trump (76) and Biden. Standing amid 30 American flags and a “Make America Great Again” banner at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Trump addressed thousands of supporters, club members and reporters, saying, “Make America Great Again.” To make this, today I am announcing my candidacy for the post of President of America.

Meanwhile, Biden tweeted from Bali, Indonesia, “Donald Trump has disappointed America.” Biden is participating in the G20 summit with world leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Biden posted a 52-second video on Twitter, in which he alleged that the economy was ‘rigged for the rich’ during Trump’s tenure and during this period there was ‘the worst situation since the recession in terms of jobs’.

He clearly referred to the violence in the US Capitol (Parliament Complex) on January 6, 2021, alleging that Trump ‘incited the mob’, ‘promoted extremists’ and ‘attacked women’s rights’. On January 6, 2021, his supporters allegedly committed violence in the Capitol complex amid Trump’s refusal to accept defeat in the 2020 presidential election and his alleged inflammatory speeches.

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