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All came negative in contact with 4 people infected with BF.7 variant, experts said – it is not fatal

Four people were found infected in West Bengal with the BF.7 variant of the Omicron virus. A total of 55 people came in contact with him. All the people who came in contact have been found to be Kovid negative in the investigation.

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omicron virus in west bengal BF,7 variants Since then four people were found infected in the state. As the infection is increasing again in China. Fear was rising everywhere. After four people were found infected with BF.7 again in Bengal Corona There was increasing concern about the infection, but all 55 people who came in contact with these four were tested and all negative have been found. Doctors say that this variant is not fatal.

Please tell that out of four infected, three are residents of Nadia and belong to the same family. The fourth house is in Kolkata. They came from America. A sub-variant of Omicron was found in the bodies of all four.

All 55 people who came in contact with people infected with BF.7 were found negative

According to the information received, 55 people had come in contact with four residents of the state infected with BF.7, but according to the information received from the Health Department, all of them are Kovid negative. Doctors say, now it is the turn of Kovid to go. This virus is continuously losing strength. According to Dr. Diptendra Sarkar, there is no doubt that BF.7 is a very weak strain. It is also very clear that Covid is at the end. In the words of Dr. Diptendra Sarkar, “The World Health Organization (WHO) said in early December that the pandemic was likely to end by early 2023. What they say has a scientific basis.”

Experts say – this is the beginning of the end of Kovid

He added, “Perhaps the ongoing genomic and clinical surveillance of BF.7 is pointing in that direction. That is, people infected with this sub-variant did not suffer from major physical illness and could not spread it to the rest of the population. It is clear that BF.7 is much weaker than the previous Omicron. But on the other hand, according to Dr. Deeptendra Sarkar, there is no point in reaching any final conclusion by doing a case study of four people, but it can be assumed in the beginning. According to him, the virus loses its strength over time. Variants, sub-variants are getting weaker.

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Instructions to follow the rules of Corona

However, the Dipendra government made it clear that the mask cannot be removed now. He said, those who are older, who have comorbidity, they must wait for a few more days. Until WHO makes a statement, use a mask. Keep following the rest of the statutory warnings, but it is clear from the data that Kovid is towards the end. On the other hand, in the words of microbiologist Bhaskar Narayan Chowdhary, Covid has now become a natural respiratory virus.


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