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Alia did Aerial Yoga only one and a half month after delivery, how good is it for a new mom?

Alia Bhatt News: Bollywood actress and new mom Alia Bhatt has shared her picture on social media while doing aerial yoga. As a new mother of Aaliya, is it right to do yoga in this way or not, know from Dr. Kanth

Alia did Aerial Yoga only one and a half month after delivery, how good is it for a new mom?

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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor The daughter was born on 6 November last. The actress was spotted several times outside the yoga center. But now Alia herself has shared her picture on Instagram doing yoga. Even today in India, women have to take care of many things after delivery. the question is whether new mom alia It is good for their body to follow the routine of yoga or physical activity like this.

In this article, we are going to tell you some important information shared by Delhi’s senior physician Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kainth. Will also tell that through which type of yoga Alia is trying to stay fit in the picture.

New mom Alia is doing this yoga

The yoga that Alia is seen doing in the picture is called Aerial Yoga, which is very different from traditional yoga. It is done with the help of rope or swing. The person doing this does the activity of strengthening the muscles by hanging in different poses in the air with the help of ropes. Alia also wrote a big caption regarding fitness in her post. Read what Alia wrote to keep her body fit.

Yoga routine depends on normal or cesarean delivery

According to Dr. Kanth, if someone’s delivery is normal, then the woman can start yoga or exercise routine slowly within a week. At the same time, after cesarean delivery, any kind of physical activity should not be done for three months.

keep these things in mind

Dr. Kanth believes that a woman can start a light physical routine only after a few days of normal delivery, but during this time also it is necessary to take care of some things. The first is not to lift heavy weights. Do not do such yoga in which you have to bow down and the woman can do alom-vilom. A woman with normal delivery can do yogasanas suggested by experts after one month.

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Keep these things in mind after cesarean delivery

If someone has had a cesarean delivery, then he should not do any kind of physical activity for 3 months even by mistake. Yes, 5 to 7 minutes walk can be done to stay fit or feel fresh. But during this also it is necessary to walk very comfortably.


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