A child born without legs is now included in his school’s basketball team, this video will make you emotional



A young student has inspired sports fans around the world by making it to his school’s basketball team despite having no legs. Despite his disability, Josiah Johnson has been playing basketball since childhood. The 8th grader’s hard work on the court finally paid off when he made it to the Moore Middle School team in Louisville, USA.

Born without legs, Josiah Johnson is proving that with grit and determination you can sport anything you love. Josiah Johnson said, “When the team was announced, everything was like a dream. I was acting like I was not excited in front of the coach. But when I went to the gym I was excited, I was like ‘I made the team, I made the team’.

His head coach, Daken Boyd, said that for Josiah, basketball is like a passion. “It’s not that we put him on the team out of sympathy,” Boyd said in a video shared on social media by Jefferson County Public Schools. He is the rightful owner of it. He gave it his all.
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Josiah played his second game of the season on Thursday, November 17th. He made his presence felt with steals, rebounds and assists. He is yet to enter the scoring column, but the Class VIII student is not lacking in confidence. He said, “I do not want you to doubt me because I have no legs. I want to show you that I’m just as human as you are, and just as good if not better.”

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