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60 percent of China’s people may be Kovid infected, know from experts why cases are increasing

The situation is becoming very dangerous due to Kovid in China. The figures of new cases and deaths are increasing. Experts say that other countries will also have to be cautious.

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Corona in China Has wreaked havoc. COVID-19 Cases are being reported in higher numbers. According to an epidemiologist, there is a huge crowd in China’s hospital, due to which the system has completely collapsed. Epidemiologist and health economist Eric Feigel-Ding wrote on Twitter, “The hospital system in China has completely collapsed since the restrictions were lifted.” He estimated that more than 60 percent of China’s and 10 percent of the world’s population could be infected in the next 90 days. He said, “The deaths are likely to be in lakhs.”

The epidemiologist said that funerals are being done nonstop in Beijing. He said that the bodies are kept in the mortuaries. There is a huge need for refrigerated containers. The dead bodies are being cremated 24 hours. Right now 2000 dead bodies are yet to be cremated. As in 2020 again, Beijing in China is seeing more and more western-mass infection.

However, Dr. Sameeran Panda, an epidemiologist with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), attributed this observation to the zero-covid policy. He said, “China’s restrictive policy has exposed a large section of the population to the virus. However, there is still no need to panic. Panic is not a public health response.” He said, “The pattern that is in China will not be seen in other countries.”

Dr. Panda said, “China has been following a zero-covid policy since the beginning of the pandemic, which is one of the major reasons for the current wave and deaths.” He said that this policy did not allow the population to come in contact with variants like Delta. He said, “Some other countries were also following this policy, but they removed it in time. It is not rational to follow the zero covid policy for more than 3 years. There is no herd immunity in the country’s population.

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Vaccination coverage is also another reason for the high number of Covid cases. The expert elaborated that when 80 percent of the population is vaccinated, they create herd immunity. He said, “Vaccine immunity and natural immunity can stop the severity of the virus. Hybrid immunity refers to how a certain variant will affect people. Since China is not knowing about many viruses, cases will increase. He said, “Deaths due to Kovid-19 are not just due to the virus. Co-morbidities play a huge role. Even vaccination is highly necessary to prevent deaths associated with COVID-19 and other diseases.”

Talking about China’s vaccination status, Dr. Ding said, “There is a lot of resistance to vaccines among the elderly. Additionally, 2 doses are not sufficient for the new Omicron sub-variant and 3 doses of China’s main CoronaVac vaccine may not be sufficient for the new variant. He said that the deep problem lies in the weak Coronavac and Sinopharm vaccines. He tweeted that it is worth noting that even 3 doses of the main CoronaVac vaccine are proving to be weak in eliminating the new recent Omicron variant. This is bad. China is not using Vivlent yet. Dr Panda concluded that deaths cannot be predicted in this way. No danger has been observed so far.

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